A padlock is the most common and cheapest lock available in the market. A padlock is sometimes also recognized as the successor of a pin tumbler. A padlock is also considered a one-century old creation but its popularity and demandable remark says a lot about it. Padlocks are available in many different sizes and designs. In look wise all locks are the same but in terms of their functionality things get changed a lot. For the past many years, padlock pass through various stages of up-gradation and modifications, and in this twenty-first century the padlocks that are most commonly seen are all of the upgraded version. Today four types of padlocks are available for use which are combination series of padlocks, normal key-based padlocks, horizontal configuration-based padlocks, and vertical configuration-based padlocks.

Columbus Locksmith prefers to use padlock series of locks for securing the residential sector. Locksmiths nowadays never recommend using padlocks for securing the main gate in place of it they prefer to use deadbolt locks.