Lock rekeying is a process in which a locksmith tries to alter the configuration of the lock for specific keys. Once the changes within the lock are made out, it will remain the same in terms of operation but become non-compatible with the existing key set, for using the same lock, you require a separate compatible key. Now the question arises why do you need to do lock rekeying? It is important for providing multiple access to the particular security system. It is also needed for minimizing security-specific complications and for ensuring better security standards. Locksmith professionals always suggest doing lock rekey after every set time interval. Locksmith Alexandria VA is best in providing lock rekeying services. They suggest doing changes within the lock once every six months and in case if you are living in a higher security-sensitive place then they further recommend shortening the time duration for getting your lock re keyed. For hiring them it is better to choose a physical interactive methodology.